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Causes and Cures of Islamophobia

Face to Face Season 3 Episode 4 begins with host Azad Ali interviewing Mohammad Shoaib regional manager at MEND who speaks about community engagement, causes and cures of Islamophobia.

Nov 12th 2019

Episode 1

Presenter: Naveed Ashraf
Author: Asif Uddin

Article: Why does the Qur’an seem incoherent?

From a cursory reading of the Qur’an some orientalists have leveled that the Qur’an moves abruptly from story to story, theme to theme, event to event. Unlike other books it doesn’t seem to provide a clear and coherent structure, a book with a beginning, middle and end. For this reason some orientalists have reordered the Qur’an to what they feel is more coherent to them. But it seems they have missed a very unique aspect and wisdom behind the structure of the Qur’an which has not changed in 1400 years. Modern research is revealing that the structure is actually quite powerful from the perspective of psychologically engaging the reader and utilizes a very high level of prose generally unused today but was more commonly used in semitic linguistics. So, it begs the question, Is the Qur’an actually coherent and fit for purpose for the modern human and the way they read and think? Let’s find out.

Episode 2

Presenter: Naveed Ashraf
Author: Dr. Salman Butt

Article: “Extremism” Disruption Orders: Protecting freedom by removing it

Post 9-11 – The War on Terror has shaped what some have called a ‘Cold war against Islam’ in the western hemisphere. For Muslims and Non-Muslims the consequences have been to curb their basic freedoms and invade their private spaces – in the belief that it is a necessary evil to protect our society from an evil which threatens it’s safety and it’s values. A movement of liberals has grown to counter this evolving narrative who are quick to identify this new era to the dystopian reality once warned to us by George Orwell in his infamous book, 1984. So, is it true – are we really part of a Big Brother state? Are we living through a time of Jingoistic crusading built on an industry of fear mongering? Or are the extremists real and there is a need to counter them before they destroy the peace, security and trust that any reasonable society requires in order to be stable and flourish?

Episode 3

Presenter: Ibrahim Ali
Author: Mahmud Syed

Article: Summarising the 18 Degree Prayer Timetable

Although most scholars agree on both the shar’ῑ signs given in the divine text concerning the start of Fajr, they disagree on how to interpret the shar’ῑ signs as actual astronomical phenomena. The conceptualising of this astronomical phenomena can be difficult for many of us and even much more in areas where the phenomena seems to breakdown due to the northerly position of many cities in North Europe. This difficulty is exacerbated by the conflict that has arisen regarding various published prayer times with hugely different times for Fajr in the Summer. Are these really early Fajr times actually serious opinions? Or is it fuelled by over zealousness? Or are we actually starting our fasting in Ramadan too late and spoiling our fasts? Join us as we try to get to the bottom of this issue.