Eman Channel is a small and growing organisation, but we are big on ambition.

We aim to become the pioneering leaders in giving the Muslim community a real, Halal media alternative to enjoy and benefit from. Our viewers can take advantage of a wide variety of shows catering for all members of the Muslim community. Eman Channel’s programmes serve the sole purpose of providing Halal entertainment for Muslim families, ensuring that they bring people closer to Islam through underlying and constant reminders.

However, as we are still growing, we will need your help to develop and establish Eman Channel as the go-to for Muslim households across the UK and beyond.

We will appreciate any type of support that we get, be it financially through donations, raising awareness, or providing us with your feedback and suggestions so we can continue to improve our services to you.

The more support we get, the more we can do to better our channel, and increase the number and quality of programmes that we produce. We will always endeavour to spread the true and authentic message of Islam through innovative programmes, teaching fundamental as well as lesser discussed aspects of our beautiful Deen.

Please do your best to support us, and we will do our best to continue creating top quality shows for your viewing. And please remember to keep is in your prayers, and to pray for Allah to accept our efforts!

If we work together for the sake of Da’wah and pleasing Allah subhanu wa ta’ala, we will surely succeed in our aims.