Advertise with Eman Channel

Eman Channel is a platform specializing in reaching the Muslim community. We are one of the few Islamic Media organizations that provide a mobile app and website to watch live TV and a free on-demand catch-up service for our viewers. Now we accept Islamic Website Advertisement, If you want to promote your Islamic website then contact us.

Advertising through our channel will provide your business with an excellent opportunity to reach your target Muslim consumers. We at Eman Channel are fully aware that we are currently living in a digital age, and acknowledge that we should take the proper steps to stay connected with our audience and enable businesses to also do the same. Taking a modern approach and developing a relationship with consumers through the right means plays an integral part in achieving and building on success.

Using engaging media, you can attract the right customers at the right time to benefit your business the most. Whether you are in a start-up phase or are an established business, creating awareness and recognition for your business is extremely important.We ensure you that you will see an excellent return on what you invest with us, Insha’Allah.

Through Eman Channel, you will be able to achieve the coverage that you require, at a pace and price suitable for you; through both the television and our website. We will help in promoting your business in the most advantageous and cost-effective way, by tailoring an advertising package that suits your needs – whether that be a long term or short term basis.

To take advantage of our reduced rates during our launch phase, please contact Khalid Javid at [email protected] / Phone: (+44) (0)208 594 7461