Kill, Don’t Detain – A legal nightmare/necessity?

Based on an article by the guest, Asim Qureshi:

The ‘Obama Doctrine’: Kill, Don’t Detain

Kashif Zakiuddin interrogates various guests on this show, in this episode he comes Face to Face with the Research director for CAGE, Asim Qureshi who accuses President Obama of being a false dawn and has continued the ‘Bush Doctrine’ – a war on Muslims. Why should the American’s dismantle the ISIS/Al-Qaeda network through extrajudicial killings of operatives who work internationally and in the ‘shadows’? Kashif takes researcher, Asim, to account for his critique of the US administration and a seemingly laudable claim that ISIS was borne from the years of disproportionate actions internationally by the American army and not the vile ideology that they espouse. How do political objectives in removing actual terrorist threats despite the collateral damage weigh against the legality of such actions?