The First Suhoor


It’s 4am, your alarm is blaring non stop, you can barely open your eyes for the first suhoor of Ramadan…

The first suhoor of Ramadan! 

Your eyes open wide at the thought of waking up for the first fast. The excitement builds up, the Ramadan buzz kicks in and so it begins.

Knowing that there are other people awake during this time fills your heart with warmth and joy, the gentle pinging of the phone as family members and friends  send pictures of their first suhoor, whether it is a full 3 course meal or just something simple such as dates and water.  Knowing that Muslims all around the world are sharing the same routine unites us all.

However, for some, that feeling is met by anticipation, nerves and of course tiredness.  The strain of having to interrupt sleeping patterns and the thought of having to wake up again for work can often be disconcerting.

Both feelings are normal. It is by no means an easy feat.

Some people love waking up whereas others may struggle.

‘Take the Suhoor meal, for there is blessing in it.’


The Prophet (saw) encouraged us to eat suhoor as there are many benefits during this time.  We should try and take advantage of this blessed time as it is also when Allah descends to the lowest heavens and grants us the opportunity to seek his forgiveness and ask for whatever is desired.

For those who struggle to wake up, use the following tips to help you overcome the difficulties you may face.

1 Avoid caffeine before bed

It is recommended that a person should avoid caffeine 6 hours before going to sleep. For the caffeine addicts, try decaffeinated drinks and avoid energy drinks. 

2 Prepare Suhoor before you go to bed

Prepare your suhoor before going to bed.  You could bring up a few suhoor items or make something that only requires heating up.  Check out some of our suhoor ideas  – some are quick and easy to prepare

3 Set multiple alarms for Suhoor

If it means constantly hitting that snooze button until you can finally get up then by all means necessary…set yourself multiple alarms

Suhoor is a blessing from Allah and it is a recommended act of our beloved Prophet (saw).  For our Ramadan to be successful, let’s take those steps to bettering our habits and actions.

May Allah accept our fasts, Ameen.