K-Pop Star’s Umrah Journey


Famous South Korean pop singer, YouTuber, Daud Kim has posted a picture of himself while performing Umrah in front of the Holy Kaaba at the Grand Mosque in Makkah, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

Daud Kim on Saturday took to Instagram to share pictures of himself in an ihram, the garments worn to perform Umrah by men.

He considered himself the “luckiest person” on the planet to have been chosen by Allah and said thAT Islam gave answers to all his questions.

Daud Kim wrote in an Instagram post stated “I arrived at Makkah again 🕋 This place is like my hometown, so peaceful and so holy.”

He went on to add, “Why were we born? And why do we live? And where are we going? My life was messed up. I thought I was the unluckiest person so I wandered Nonetheless I always tried to find the answers. And I realized I am not alone. Someone is by my side trying to lead me on the right path. And I realized there is Allah.”

“Islam gave answers to all my questions. The reason I was created, and the reason I live. And finally to where I’m going, even after this life. So, I am so lucky to have been chosen by Allah,” Kim added.

“Islam gave answers to all my questions. Also, Allah guides me in everything I have to do. My life still isn’t perfect. Sometimes I face a lot of criticism. And I still make mistakes.. But nonetheless I am a Muslim. And I will never give up Allah’s mercy. My beliefs never change. “There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad (pbuh) is His messenger,” he continued.

He stated that he was in the holiest city and the holiest place. He prayed for the forgiveness of his sins and guidance on the right path. “And I hope may Allah guide all those who need help. May Allah bless to all Muslim Ummah in the world. Until the day we meet at Jannah ❤️ Aamiin.”


Who is Daud Kim?

Daud Kim, formally known as Kim Kyun-woo, known professionally as Jay Kim, is a South Korean singer, actor and Youtuber.

In September 2019, Kim appeared in a YouTube video announcing his conversion to Islam.

Since his conversion to Islam, the YouTuber often shared his wish to visit Makkah and Madinah.

In 2022 Ramzan, Kim performed Umrah after accepting Islam in 2019.

Daud Kim expressed his happiness with the experience of fasting in Ramadan and praised the beauty of the brotherly spirit and the advantages of performing prayer and Umrah in Makkah Al-Mukarramah.

At that time, Kim said in a post on his Instagram account, “Finally I came to Mecca, I am the happiest of people because God chose me, and God brought me here, God willing, thanks to God, thanks for giving me the opportunity to come to the holiest city in the world, I pray to God for all Muslim brothers and sisters May God forgive our sins.”

Daud Kim also posted pictures of himself in Madinah, the Prophet’s Mosque. He posted several videos and pictures of him breaking his fast with locals in Jeddah on his YouTube channel and on Instagram. He said it was the best iftar of his life and that he loved the act of breaking fast together as “one family”.

Kim has more than 3.95 million subscribers on YouTube and more than 834,000 followers on his official account on the social networking platform Instagram.

Source: The Siasat Daily