Everything About Him was Prophetic


‘I’ve never seen anything like him, before him or after him’ 

Ali Ibn Abu Talib 

Our Prophet Muhammad (saw) was described as being more beautiful than the moon. Nobody had seen someone as stunning as him, before or after Islam. Even if he didn’t speak, you would look at him and know that there was something divinely beautiful about him. However, as beautiful as his appearance was, his character was even more beautiful than that. 

Everything about our Nabi (saw) was perfectly balanced. 

He wasn’t too tall nor too short, his skin colour wasn’t too dark nor too light, his face wasn’t too round nor was it too narrow, his nose was not flat nor was it too pointy, but it was finely sloped. 

His eyes had a perfect contrast: the black was exceedingly black and the white was exceedingly white. His eyelashes were so long it looked like they naturally had kohl on them, and they were always moist from his tears.

He had large curved eyebrows that almost connected in the middle, except that there was a beautiful thin space between them, where the light would shine. His forehead was prominent and there was a vein on it that would only show when he was upset. 

He had perfectly set teeth that were as white as hailstones. They weren’t clustered together, and there was a fine line of space between each tooth. 

His hair wasn’t straight nor was it curly, rather it was wavy. Sometimes he would grow it up to his earlobes and sometimes to his shoulder. He had a dense full beard. Both his beard and hair were fully black. By the time of his death he had only 14-20 grey hairs that could hardly be seen.

He (saw) had an elegant long neck and broad shoulders. He had strong arms and well defined limbs, with big hands and feet.

He had a strong chest and always maintained his weight and fitness. Right up to his death, his stomach never extended past his chest.

He had very little hair on his body, except for a small patch on his chest and a line that ran down to his naval. His hands and feet felt smoother than silk. He always had a beautiful scent, in fact, his sweat was described as smelling like perfume.

Despite his beauty, the Prophet (saw) was extremely shy and bashful. He was always smiling and laughing with others. He would laugh when he received good news from Allah (swt) or when he spoke about Allah’s mercy.

His laugh however was not how we see laughter today. It was dignified, shy and not audible. It was distinct from his smile, as it was wider and showed his back teeth. Although he was always smiling, he was still described as constantly being in a state of grief, from worrying for his Ummah. 

There was no man who smiled as much at his Ummah but at the same time no man who wept as much for his Ummah.

Our Nabi (saw) was always in a state of reflection and would have long periods of silence. He was extremely perspective and always spoke with logic and coherence. He spoke slowly and would repeat himself, to ensure others would understand and remember exactly what he said.

He would generally look down whilst speaking due to his modesty, however if he did look up it would only be a quick glance, he would never stare. When speaking to someone directly he would maintain eye contact if that’s what they wanted. However, if the person felt intimidated by this he would look away.

He (saw) always gave others his full attention. If someone was speaking to him he would listen intently and not be distracted, until the person was finished with what they were saying. If he shook someone’s hand, he would wait for them to let go first. If he pointed at someone, he would never use his finger, as this would seem aggressive, so instead he pointed with his whole hand. 

Despite him being the Prophet of Allah, he was always concerned with ensuring others felt at ease around him. He made them feel respected, included and honoured.

When the Prophet (saw) walked it was with a sense of purpose. He didn’t walk arrogantly nor did he walk with laziness. He always had a fast pace which was hard for others to keep up with. This showed he was always motivated and productive.

Even in his manner of sitting there was humility. He would sit up straight when he ate his food and not recline like an arrogant or wealthy man. 

What an incredible example our Prophet (saw) was for us all. 

May we follow his Sunnah and strive to be like him in all aspects of our lives.