A Blessed Jumu’ah with our Blessed Prophet (saw)


‘This day is an Eid which Allah has ordained for the Muslims.’

Sunan Ibn Majah


We know that Jumu’ah is a special day for all Muslims. 

However, how much do we know of how Jumu’ah was celebrated in the time of the Prophet (saw)?

The Messenger of Allah (saw) would wear his best clothes on two occasions: When receiving a delegation and on the day of Jumu’ah. He would make fresh Ghusl and then spray himself with his best perfume, ensuring it touched every part of his body. He would then use a fresh Miswak to clean his teeth before heading to the Masjid.

Jumu’ah was extremely exciting for the people of that time, they would all rush to the Masjid to try and get the front spaces and hear the incredible words of the Prophet Muhammad (saw), as he stepped up to the Mimbar to deliver his Khutbah.

‘Attend the sermon and sit close to the Imam, for a man keeps himself away until he will be left behind at the time of entering Paradise, though he enters it.’ 

Sunan Abi Dawud


During the Khutbah, the Prophet (saw) ensured that he maintained the sight of everyone who was in the masjid. If he saw someone arrive late he would gesture to them to sit down at the first space they found. He did not like if a person began climbing over others to reach the front, as this would be disruptive.

The Rasool of Allah (saw) would usually give reminders of life and death in his Khutbah. Infact, he spoke about Surah Kahf in every single Khutbah he did.

He (saw) never prepared his speech beforehand, he spoke from the heart and with sincerity. His words were crisp and articulate, and he would repeat things up to three times to ensure people understood and remembered what he had said.

‘His words reached the depth of the ocean of eloquence.’

Sahih Muslim


Whilst speaking, the Prophet (saw) would use his hands a lot to help explain what he was saying. He would also use parables and analogies to deliver his point effectively.

His eyes and tone would match what he was saying. If the topic was something joyful, you would see the happiness in his eyes and hear it in his voice. However, if the topic was something upsetting, you could see it clearly in his eyes and hear the sadness in his voice.

It was said that the Sahabah would sit around the Prophet (saw) whilst he did his Khutbah, as if they had birds sitting on their heads. This means they would be sitting completely still and listening intently to every word that was said.

There were times when the women could no longer hear the words of the Prophet (saw) due to the amount of crying coming from the men who were sitting in front of them.

Subhan’Allah, what a blessed time that was to be able to sit and listen to the Khutbah of our beloved Prophet (saw). 

Let us ensure that we also follow his Sunnah and give the day of Jumu’ah the importance that is required Insha’Allah.