Canadian Prime Minister has issued a strong condemnation of the ongoing conflict in the Gaza Strip


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has issued a strong condemnation of the ongoing conflict in the Gaza Strip, urging Israel to halt what he referred to as the “killing of women, of children, of babies.” Trudeau’s comments, made on Tuesday during a news conference in British Columbia, marked his most explicit criticism of Israel since the conflict erupted over five weeks ago. He implored Israel to exercise “maximum restraint” and emphasised the global attention on the situation through television and social media, highlighting the voices of doctors, survivors, and children who have lost parents.

In response to Trudeau’s remarks, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vehemently defended his country, placing blame on Hamas for civilian casualties. Netanyahu, in a post on social media directed at Trudeau, asserted that it is Hamas, not Israel, deliberately targeting civilians. He portrayed Hamas as responsible for heinous acts, likening them to atrocities perpetrated on Jews during the Holocaust.

While Canada has maintained Israel’s right to self-defense against Hamas attacks, Trudeau expressed growing concern over the escalating death toll in Gaza. He stressed the need for justice without the continued suffering of Palestinian civilians, emphasising that all wars have rules and all innocent lives hold equal value, be they Israeli or Palestinian.

The situation further intensified on Wednesday when Israeli soldiers raided al-Shifa Hospital, a move criticised by international rights groups, labeling it as a potential war crime. The hospital, under attack for several days, houses thousands of patients and displaced Palestinians, including premature babies fighting for their lives. The mounting humanitarian crisis in Gaza has intensified global scrutiny and calls for a resolution to the longstanding conflict.