Voting underway in UK election expected to deliver landslide Labour win



Polling stations have opened across the United Kingdom for a general election that is widely anticipated to result in a landslide victory for the Labour Party, ending nearly 14 years of Conservative rule. Voters, frustrated by economic instability and deteriorating public services, began casting their ballots at 7am (06:00 GMT) on Thursday. Exit polls are expected after the polls close at 10pm (21:00 GMT), followed by the commencement of vote counting.

Labour leader Keir Starmer, 61, urged voters to participate, emphasising that the future of the country depends on their votes. Despite projections indicating Labour’s first general election win since 2005, and potentially its largest victory ever, Starmer remains cautious. The call for change comes amid a backdrop of dissatisfaction with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s leadership, especially after his campaign was marred by controversy and perceived mishandling of significant events.

Prime Minister Sunak, 44, called the election earlier than expected, amidst a cost-of-living crisis and a declining National Health Service. Facing predictions of a severe defeat, Sunak acknowledged the potential for a Labour super majority, urging voters to limit the rival party’s power. The election’s outcome is further influenced by lingering public resentment over scandals involving former Conservative leaders, including Boris Johnson’s lockdown violations and Liz Truss’s brief, tumultuous tenure. As a result, traditional party loyalties are shifting, with parties like Reform UK, the Liberal Democrats, and the Green Party aiming to attract disillusioned voters.