Production Co-ordinator

Job Ref: EA1010

Job Title: Production Co-Ordinator

Reports to: Head of Production

About Eman Channel:

Eman Channel aims to produce high-quality programs; in terms of both production value and Islamic principles; available freely on satellite television, mobile app and online. Eman Channel is a real alternative Islamic channel for Muslims. Established over 7 years ago, based in London, Eman Channel broadcasts Islamic-centric programmes on Sky 757, Online via our website and various social media platforms.

The field of Islamic Media requires a boost to help engage all members of the Muslim community. We believe that Muslim families should be able to sit together and enjoy entertaining and informative programs, and our channel intends to bring about this positive change. Whilst our programs will provide suitable entertainment for all ages, our Islamic values will always be considered as well as the tolerant and respectful values of the country that host our channel. Viewers will be able to enjoy a large variety of unique and inspiring programs, from educational lectures to cookery and comedy shows.

Job Summary:

As a Production Coordinator, you’re crucial for the flawless execution of administrative tasks spanning the entire production process, from start to finish. Your diverse responsibilities ensure the production’s smooth operation. During filming, you arrange travel and accommodations, secure locations and personnel, and manage vital documentation, including release forms, copyright, and safety materials. You craft detailed call sheets, organize work permits and visas, book crews, acquire equipment and props, and handle financial aspects like floats and invoices. You’re also pivotal in post-production, supplying materials, sourcing archive content, and ensuring the project’s successful delivery. Your diligent organization and dedication make you an essential asset to any production.

Remuneration: £18k – £22k

Type: Full-time (5 days per week)

Base Location: East London (and remote as and when feasible)


  • Efficiently plan, book, and organize travel and accommodation arrangements for the production team.
  • Ensure the availability of locations, personnel, and essential documentation, including release forms, copyright, and health and safety materials.
  • Create comprehensive call sheets, detailing personnel locations, transportation logistics, contact information, and a filming day breakdown.
  • Organize work permits, visas, and booking of crews.
  • Obtain filming equipment and props as required.
  • Responsible for managing, assigning, and reconciling financial floats.
  • Verify invoices and maintain diligent records of all production paperwork, ensuring it remains up-to-date and well-organized.
  • Facilitate a smooth production process, troubleshooting issues as they arise.
  • Ensure the editing team has all necessary materials, including tape logs.
  • Assist in sourcing and clearing archive material.
  • Oversee the completion of post-production and the timely delivery of the final product to the broadcaster.


  • Organisation: be efficient at planning, booking and scheduling, preparing documents and filing, tackle issues before they become problems
  • Communication: work as part of a team, ensure everyone has the information they need and know which paperwork needs completing
  • Finance: monitor and report costs and spending within assigned budget areas to ensure the production manager can forecast and manage the overall budgets
  • Knowledge of IT and Technology: be able to use, pick up and adapt to new systems and software easily, know the different equipment used for filming and editing
  • Knowledge of law: understand health and safety rulings, data protection legislation and compliance, clearance and copyright requirements