Motion Graphics Designer & Video Editor

Job Ref: EC10723-1

Job Title: Motion Graphics Designer and Video Editor

Reports to: Head of Post-Production

About Eman Channel:

Eman Channel aims to produce high-quality programs; in terms of both production value and Islamic principles; available freely on satellite television, mobile app and online. Eman Channel is a real alternative Islamic channel for Muslims. Established over 7 years ago, based in London, Eman Channel broadcasts Islamic-centric programmes on Sky 747, Online via our website and various social media platforms.

The field of Islamic Media requires a boost to help engage all members of the Muslim community. We believe that Muslim families should be able to sit together and enjoy entertaining and informative programs, and our channel intends to bring about this positive change. Whilst our programs will provide suitable entertainment for all ages, our Islamic values will always be considered as well as the tolerant and respectful values of the country that host our channel. Viewers will be able to enjoy a large variety of unique and inspiring programs, from educational lectures to cookery and comedy shows.

Job Summary:

We are looking for a talented and creative Motion Graphics Designer and Video Editor to join our prestigious television channel. As a Motion Graphics Designer and Video Editor, you will be in charge of producing visually appealing motion graphics and effectively combining them with video footage. Your responsibilities will include creating and animating visuals, as well as editing and refining video material to create high-quality content for television broadcasts and digital platforms. The ideal candidate will have strong technical skills in motion graphics design, video editing experience, and a great eye for visual aesthetics. This role plays a crucial role in our creative team and could work remotely on occasion. It is a full-time position.

Type: 5 Days a week (Full-Time)

Base Location: East London (and remote as and when feasible)

Salary: £32k – £36k Per annum

Start Date: A.S.A.P



  • Collaborate with our creative team to conceptualize and design motion graphics and video content for television programs and charity appeals.
  • Utilize Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Vmix, Final Cut Pro, and Da Vinci Resolve to create captivating visuals and edit video footage.
  • Ensure that all graphics and videos align with our brand and messaging.
  • Manage multiple projects simultaneously while meeting tight deadlines.
  • Contribute to a positive and collaborative work environment.

Motion Graphics Design:

  • Create aesthetically beautiful motion graphics, title sequences, lower thirds, and other animation elements to improve the visual appeal of video material.
  • Use motion graphics software such as Adobe After Effects, Motion 5, Cinema 4D, or similar technologies to develop engaging visual narratives and transitions
  • Ensure that the motion graphics adhere to the channel’s branding rules, visual style, and target audience preferences.
  • Keep up with the newest trends and techniques in motion graphics design to bring fresh and original ideas to the table

Video Editing:

  • Edit and compile raw footage into appealing video content that complies to the highest quality requirements for television broadcasts and digital platforms.
  • Enhance videos with appropriate transitions, effects, sound design, and colour grading to create a cohesive and immersive viewing experience.
  • Collaborate with producers, directors, and other team members to grasp project requirements and provide creative solutions.
  • Keep up to date on the newest video editing techniques, tools, and industry trends to consistently improve the quality of your films.

Technical proficiency:

  • Expert use of motion graphics and video editing software, hardware, and systems.
  • Investigate and resolve technical problems with hardware, and software for video editing.
  • Stay up to date on the newest developments in video editing and motion graphics design ro increase workflow and productivity

Organisation and time management:

  • Prioritise work, manage numerous projects at once, and adhere to deadlines.
  • Maintain an organised system for storing and archiving video footage, motion graphics, project files, and related assets.
  • Ensure smooth coordination and excellent project execution by working effectively with the production team.


  • Minimum of 5 years of professional experience in motion graphics and video editing, with a strong background in television programs and charity appeal graphics.
  • Proven track record in television branding
  • Proficiency in Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, and Adobe Premiere Pro is essential.
  • Proficiency in operating Vmix, Final Cut Pro, and Da Vinci Resolve would be highly beneficial.
  • Strong understanding of video codecs, file formats, and compression techniques.
  • Strong creative skills with the ability to transform concepts into visually appealing content.
  • Excellent attention to detail and a passion for storytelling through graphics and video.
  • Effective communication and teamwork skills.
  • Capability to work remotely when needed.


  • Competitive salary and benefits package.
  • Flexibility to work remotely on occasion.
  • Opportunity to contribute to meaningful projects that make a positive impact.
  • Development and growth opportunities.