US plans to send weapons to Israel even as Biden pushes for a ceasefire


president biden speaking

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal on Friday, the Biden administration is gearing up to supply Israel with additional military equipment, including MK-82 bombs and KMU-572 Joint Direct Attack Munitions, despite efforts advocating for a ceasefire in Gaza. The proposed arms delivery, estimated to be worth tens of millions of dollars, also includes FMU-139 bomb fuses to enhance the precision of the weapons. Although the details of the proposal are still under internal review, a US official mentioned that potential changes might occur before notifying congressional committee leaders for approval.

As of December 2023, the Biden administration has bypassed congressional review twice in supplying weapons to Israel, drawing criticism for its ongoing support despite allegations that American-made weapons highly contributed to civilian deaths. The report highlights that neither the US State Department nor the Defense Department, along with the Israel Defense Forces and Israel Defense Ministry, have responded immediately to requests for comments on the matter.

Israel’s air and ground offensive has led to extensive destruction in Gaza, causing the death of more than 28,000 Palestinians, most of them civilians according to Palestinian health authorities, and displacing over 2 million inhabitants from their homes.