Tens of thousands rally against the government in Israel



Tens of thousands of people have assembled outside the Israeli parliament in Jerusalem for what is reported as the largest anti-government rally since Israel’s military actions in Gaza began. Participants are urging the government to negotiate a ceasefire that would secure the release of Israeli captives held by Hamas in Gaza and are also calling for early elections. This demonstration marks a significant public outcry against the government’s handling of security issues, particularly in light of a recent attack in southern Israel.

The ongoing war of Israel on Gaza, which has resulted in significant casualties, has prompted international mediation efforts. Despite a previous truce and hostage exchange, negotiations for a new ceasefire and captive release have yet to yield concrete results. Organisers of the protest have emphasised their determination to continue the demonstration, with plans to camp out near the parliament building for several days. Opposition leaders have seized the opportunity to criticise Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s leadership, accusing him of prioritising politics over the nation’s interests.

In addition to the Jerusalem gathering, thousands have also protested in Tel Aviv, echoing the calls for political change and renewed efforts to address the ongoing conflict. Netanyahu, while acknowledging the pain of families affected by the conflict, has emphasised the potential drawbacks of calling for early elections, warning of potential paralysis in governance. He has also reiterated his commitment to a military offensive in Rafah, a city in southern Gaza, despite international pressure against such actions.