Stabbing Near British Museum – Arrests Made


A man has been apprehended under suspicion of causing severe bodily harm after a stabbing incident near the British Museum. The attack took place around 10:00 AM BST at the intersection of Great Russell Street and Museum Street. Paramedics transported the victim, who had been stabbed in the arm, to the hospital. An eyewitness recounted seeing an agitated individual brandishing a knife, akin to a machete, and assaulting a young man.

As a result of the incident, the museum was briefly evacuated but has since reopened with heightened security measures in place. The security measures include an intensified search operation. Although the Metropolitan Police have cordoned off areas surrounding the museum, they have stated that there is no ongoing threat to the public and that the incident is not being treated as a terror-related act.

Witnesses described the chaotic scene as people fled in fear and alerted museum-goers and authorities about the attack. A 27-year-old American visitor recounted how she was asked to leave the museum’s queue by police due to the stabbing incident. The London Ambulance Service confirmed that the injured man received medical attention for his arm injury before being taken to a major trauma center as a priority. The museum extended its best wishes for the victim’s swift recovery and acknowledged the support provided by its security team until emergency services arrived.