Saudi Arabia’s national fundraising drive for Gaza surpasses $131 million


The ongoing Saudi national fundraising drive aimed at providing support to the residents of Gaza has surpassed 491 million Saudi Riyal ($131 million) in contributions.

As of Tuesday, more than 767,000 individuals have utilised the Sahem platform to make donations, which was launched by the Saudi aid agency KSrelief.

Simultaneously, the sixth Saudi relief plane carrying aid for Gaza arrived at El-Arish International Airport in Egypt on Tuesday. This assistance, comprising 35 tons of materials, including food and shelter, was dispatched from King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh as part of the Kingdom’s ongoing campaign to aid the people of Gaza, as reported by the SPA.

This philanthropic initiative was launched by royal order, citing Saudi Arabia’s enduring commitment to supporting the Palestinian people during times of crisis.

Over the past five days, five Saudi relief planes, each carrying 35 tons of aid, have landed in Egypt. Additionally, representatives from KSrelief engaged in discussions with the Saudi ambassador to Egypt, to strategize the transportation of shelter materials, food baskets, and medical supplies through the Rafah border crossing to assist Gaza.