Saudi Arabia warns of hot summer in this year’s Hajj


As pilgrims prepare for Hajj this week, Saudi authorities have issued warnings about rising temperatures expected to reach up to 48ºC, according to the state news agency SPA. The spokesperson for the health ministry highlighted that the high temperatures pose “a major challenge” for this year’s Hajj season, which begins on June 14. He emphasised the importance of following the ministry’s health guidelines to stay safe from the heat, advising pilgrims to carry umbrellas, stay hydrated, and take rest periods to avoid heat fatigue.

He assured that the ministry is making extensive efforts to provide pilgrims with a safe and healthy environment despite the harsh climatic conditions. The National Center for Meteorology has predicted that temperatures in Makkah will range from 45 to 48ºC, with minimal chance of rain. In preparation for the pilgrimage, the Kingdom has implemented various measures to ensure a smooth and secure Hajj experience, including launching a mobile control and monitoring centre equipped with sensors to manage traffic flow and monitor public transport vehicles in real time.

Additionally, the General Authority for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque has deployed around 500 trained civilian security personnel to assist in crowd organisation and management at the Grand Mosque, working closely with relevant authorities. These teams will oversee security and safety operations, protect property and individuals, and manage public facilities. Volunteers in Madinah have also contributed over 100,000 hours of service to assist pilgrims, offering guidance, crowd management, multilingual support, distribution of meals and Zamzam water, and monitoring health conditions, ensuring a comprehensive support system for all attending the Hajj.