Saudi Arabia Bends Laws for Ronaldo?


Apart from his remarkable feats on the football pitch, fans have been intrigued by Cristiano Ronaldo’s private life, and despite his attempts to remain somewhat shrouded in secrecy, CR7 hasn’t been able to keep the world at bay.

The lethal striker is settling into his extravagant new life in Saudi Arabia following his much-publicized transfer to Al Nassr. One of the most talked-about topics at present concerning the new Al Nassr striker is the pairing of his companion Georgina Rodriguez, with whom he has been cohabiting rather than being married.

The Portuguese superstar has been given a significant lift in spirits after it was reported that Saudi authorities would graciously turn a “blind eye” to the couple’s living arrangement, even though the law forbade unmarried couples from cohabiting.

When he was unveiled as the newest addition to the Saudi club, Ronaldo was joined on the turf of Mrsool Park with his partner Georgina and their children.


Contrary to widely held beliefs and suppositions, renowned footballer Ronaldo has never been married, which could be problematic for him and his partner, Rodriguez, given that Saudi laws strictly forbid “cohabitation without a marriage contract.”

However, Saudi lawyers have reported that authorities are likely to “turn a blind eye” to the celebrity couple living together.

According to reports, although the kingdom’s laws still forbid cohabitation without a marriage contract, the authorities have recently adopted a less stringent stance, permitting couples to live together without fear of legal repercussions, except in cases of reported issues or criminal activity.

The Saudi authorities have now ceased to meddle in these matters about expatriates, even though the law still disallows cohabitation without marriage.


Despite the allowances she receives because of Ronaldo’s contract, Rodriguez, the mother of two of Ronaldo’s children, is still required to obtain a visa to reside in the Gulf nation since citizenship is not automatically conferred upon her through marriage.