Quest for Umrah Ts & Cs 2022

  1. General
    1. The competition is run by Eman Channel Ltd
    2. There is no age limit
    3. More than one person can enter from any given household or family
    4. The competition is open to worldwide entrants
    5. By entering the competition, you accept the terms and conditions of this competition and any other applicable terms and conditions of Eman Channel that relate to this competition whether directly or indirectly
    6. You understand that entry to this The Quest For Umrah competition is absolutely free (therefore, requires no purchase) and under no circumstances Eman Channel accept any responsibility if the entrants are charged by other organisations which claim to be affiliated with Eman Channel
    7. You agree to the Eman Channel’s privacy policy
    8. The winner must ensure there is a 5 minute video diary recorded everyday during the Umrah journey. This is to be provided to Eman Channel within 14 days returning from Umrah
    9. Failure to action the above condition (# 1. 8.) will give Eman Channel the full right at its’ discretion to reclaim the prize money from the winner whether partial or full.
  1. To enter this competition
    1. You must successfully register as a candidate on emanchannel/questforumrah
    2. You must provide your Full name, email and contact number
    3. You will need to also create a username which must be unique
    4. When you register you will need to confirm your email account
    5. You will be sent a link to an app which you will need to use to take part in the competition along with other instructions
  1. Preparing for the competition
    1. You must have good internet connection
    2. Access to a working smart phone, laptop or computer
    3. It is your responsibility to ensure you have access to the app Menti-Meter and have tested it
    4. We advise you make arrangements that there are no disturbances at the time of partaking in the competition
    5. The competition will last 3 weeks with the finals held on Saturday, 30th April 2022
  1. Taking part in the competition
    1. Ensure you are logged in to Menti-Meter and have entered you correct username and PIN at the start of the live programme
    2. Every weekend the programme host will read out the questions live on Eman Channel.
    3. These questions will also appear in your app
    4. The leader board scores are determined by whoever answers the questions correctly the fastest
    5. At the end of the show, you must email us the screenshot of your score board if you have made it to the top 5 highest scoring candidates. The email to send this to is: [email protected]
    6. over the 3 week period, each week there will be 5 highest scoring winners who will be added to the finals which will take place on Saturday, 30th April 2022. This means there will be in total 15 challengers in the finals
  1. The Prize
    1. Cash prize of up to £3,000 for the purpose of solely going on Umrah.
    2. The cash prize will be transferred directly to the tour operator on receiving an invoice from the winner’s chosen tour operator
    3. Proof of Umrah must be provided by informing Eman Channel of the dates of travel and flight details
  1. Other Particulars
    1. In the event that any entrant does not, or is unable to, comply with and meet these terms and conditions and the competition information, Eman Channel shall be entitled at its sole discretion to disqualify such entrant, without any further liability to such entrant. In these circumstances, any prize(s) won by the entrant may be forfeited and Eman Channel reserves the right to reclaim any prize(s) already distributed to the entrant. Any entrant must comply with any directions given to him or her by Eman Channel including but not limited to any and all relevant laws, rules and regulations, and where applicable and compliance with the Ofcom Broadcasting Code.
    2. If you participate in this live you acknowledge that you will be required to be available to participate at a specified time notified to you in advance. Eman Channel cannot be held responsible for any failure on your part to be available at the specified time for any reason including if due to any failure of your internet, network or communications equipment.
    3. In the event that you are not available to take part in this on-air Competition at the specified time we reserve the right to permit another entrant to participate in the on-air Competition and remove your entry.
    4. By participating in this live Quest for Umrah competition whether you are a winner or not:
      1. you warrant that you will not say anything which is defamatory, illegal, obscene, or offensive or otherwise act in a way that is likely to cause harm to or damage the reputation of Eman Channel during your participation or thereafter of the competition.