Perseid Meteor Shower Lights Up Night Sky


On Saturday night, an exceptional opportunity arose to witness the splendid Perseid meteor shower, providing some of the most favourable viewing conditions in years. Across the globe, people recorded sightings of this dazzling phenomenon as the subdued moonlight contributed to an outstanding spectacle.

The night sky was illuminated by the dazzling display of up to 100 shooting stars, with the most optimal observations occurring during the early hours of Sunday morning according to the UK time zone.

Unfortunately, certain regions in Britain had their experience dampened by cloud cover, impacting stargazers in the northern and western parts, encompassing Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Conversely, a significant portion of England, particularly the central, southern, and eastern areas, were granted clear intervals in the cloud cover, offering excellent prospects to witness this ethereal exhibition.

Amateurs and photographers worldwide also shared images online, capturing the event from various corners of the globe. Reports of impressive sightings poured in from Spain, Israel, and throughout central to eastern Europe.

The Perseid meteor shower is a highly anticipated event for astronomy enthusiasts, recognised for its elevated rate of meteors per hour and vividly luminous meteors. These meteors are a result of Earth intersecting with the remnants left behind by comet 109P/Swift-Tuttle during the months of July and August annually. Its name, Perseids, is derived from the fact that the meteors appear to emanate from the Perseus constellation.

For those who regret missing the pinnacle of Saturday night’s luminous spectacle, there remain further opportunities in the upcoming nights. The meteor shower is anticipated to continue its splendour until August 24th.