M&S Issues Apology for Instagram Photo


M&S Issues Apology for Instagram Photo Featuring Burning Christmas Party Hats in colours reminiscent of the Palestinian flag

M&S has issued an apology after facing accusations of insensitivity for posting an Instagram photo featuring Christmas party hats in colours reminiscent of the Palestinian flag set on fire. The image, initially an outtake from one of the company’s television advertisements, depicted red, green, and silver hats being consumed by flames within a fireplace.

M&S clarified that their intention was to playfully convey that some individuals do not enjoy wearing paper Christmas hats. They emphasised that the image was captured in August, well before the Israel-Gaza conflict began, and that the hats were in traditional, festive colours of red, green, and silver.

In response to public feedback and to address any unintentional hurt caused, the company promptly removed the photo and issued a statement via their X account on Wednesday evening, expressing their regret.

The photograph in question was a part of M&S’s Christmas clothing and home advertisement campaign. Some social media users criticised the image, suggesting a connection between the hat colours and the Palestinian flag, with one user describing it as “inappropriate.”

M&S introduced the “Love Thismas, not Thatmas” campaign earlier in the week, emphasising its intention to celebrate and empower customers to embrace the aspects of the holiday season they genuinely love.