MP Imran Hussain resigns from his position in protest over the party’s handling of the Gaza crisis.


Imran Hussain, the Member of Parliament for Bradford East, expressed his decision to step down as a shadow levelling up minister, stating that he could no longer, in good conscience, support the party’s position. Hussain cited his inability to support the party’s position on the crisis in Gaza and called for a ceasefire, emphasising the need to end the bloodshed, ensure the delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza, and secure the safe return of Israeli hostages.

Hussain’s resignation adds to the growing list of frontbenchers who represent constituencies with significant Muslim populations and have expressed dissatisfaction with the party’s stance. His decision to step down is part of a broader movement within the Labour Party, with at least 15 other frontbench members advocating for a ceasefire.

While the party leader, Keir Starmer, has sought to present a united front, emphasising the importance of humanitarian pauses, Hussain’s resignation highlights the challenges faced by Starmer’s leadership in maintaining party cohesion. Despite calls for a ceasefire, Starmer argues that the ongoing threat of Hamas attacks makes such a move unsustainable, and the party maintains its support for a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine.