Millwall FC Pledges Muslim Inclusivity


Professional South London club takes major step in signing historic framework that is sure to enhance inclusiveness for Muslim players, fans, and support staff

This morning, it was announced that Bermondsey-based Millwall Football Club have taken the decision to sign up to the Muslim Athlete Charter. The welcome move lays the framework for increasing inclusivity at the club and presents a major win for Nujum Sports – which has, over the years, been collaborating with various British sports clubs and partners in promoting a safer and more supportive environment for Muslims.

In a press release, the Championship club said that it is,

“…proud to announce its signing of the Muslim Athletes Charter – an initiative helping sporting organisations build environments and cultures which actively support players of that faith.”

Moreover, it referenced its ongoing efforts to boosting inclusivity across the board and specifically “recognising the needs of Muslims players and staff”.

The statement continued,

“The club’s commitment to further recognising the needs of Muslim players and staff, and indeed those of all other faiths, is part of Millwall’s wider effort to deliver equality and diversity throughout all aspects of its operations.

“Seven players within Millwall’s Academy are Muslim and the club’s signing of the Charter will help to ensure inclusivity, providing them with the best possible platform to flourish with The Lions, each and every day.”

In addition, CEO at Millwall, Steve Kavanagh, said of the news,

“Through the club’s Equality Steering Committee, we are continually looking at ways to enhance our anti-discrimination work and signing the Muslim Athlete Charter is the latest step forward in this regard.

“It is imperative that the club incorporates the differing needs of our Muslim players as part of overall training plans, facilities, logistics, and more. And we are all supportive of the Charter’s purpose in helping clubs to achieve this.”

Kavanagh further added,

“As a club, we are striving to create an environment where players and staff can maximise their ability and talent, and this will help those of Muslim faith to do exactly that.”

Continued success at Nujum Sports

The addition of Millwall FC to Nujum Sports’ Muslim Athlete Charter is a huge achievement. It rings in the Gregorian year with an optimistic outlook, as further clubs throughout British sports look to take the leap.

Established in the summer of 2020, Nujum Sports is a London-based non-profit that aspires to cultivate and nurture Muslim athletes. It simultaneously works to improve existing conditions and enhance Muslim inclusivity at clubs. The organisation describes the charter as offering,

“…a framework to challenge organisations to make progress on recognising and providing support for Muslim athletes.”

Since launching the charter in June of 2021, the non-profit has already welcomed the partnership of a number of highly influential clubs and sporting bodies. These include the Football Association of Wales, Middlesex County Cricket Club and Warwickshire County Cricket Club, and many other big hitters.

In comments provided to Islam21c, Ebadur Rahman, founder and CEO at Nujum Sports, said of Millwall’s step in signing the charter,

“We’re delighted to have Millwall sign the Charter and join the movement of organisations pledging their support to Muslim athletes, staff, and fans.

“It is the beginning of a journey that will help everyone come together and contribute to a more tolerant, diverse, and inclusive community.”

Nujum Sports’ CEO and founder, Ebadur Rahman, presents a Ramadan pack to Millwall CEO, Steve Kavanagh, 2022. Editorial credit: Ebadur Rahman / Nujum Sports

Source: Islam21c