Makkah Authorities Recruit 22,000 People for Hajj Services


The preparations for Hajj in Makkah have been successfully completed by the municipality, which includes the recruitment of 22,000 workers to enhance the services provided to pilgrims.

According to spokesperson Osama Zaituni, the municipality has effectively mobilised its human and mechanical resources, with the support of various assistance teams such as public security, scouts, and temporary health monitors. Additionally, a significant fleet of equipment and machinery has been deployed to ensure the provision of top-quality municipal services to pilgrims.

Zaituni further explained that the municipality has made extensive preparations across its 13 sub-municipalities and three subsidiary municipalities in Makkah. Furthermore, 28 centers have been strategically established throughout the area of the holy sites, ensuring comprehensive coverage. These centers have been equipped with the necessary machinery and manpower. In order to cover all required fields, a total of 22,000 individuals have been recruited.

Simultaneously, the General Directorate of Passports at King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah warmly received the first group of Hajj pilgrims arriving from Nigeria. Another flight carrying Hajj pilgrims from Iran successfully landed at Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz International Airport in Madinah.

The directorate has expressed its readiness to efficiently manage the procedures for pilgrims during Hajj, encompassing airports, land borders, and seaports. It has also reaffirmed its commitment to utilising all available resources to facilitate the entry process for pilgrims. This includes the implementation of cutting-edge devices at ports to streamline operations and ensure a smooth experience for all pilgrims.