Israeli Foreign Ministry takes a firm stand


Israeli Foreign Ministery has taken strong action, directing the summoning of the Spanish and Belgian ambassadors in Tel Aviv to deliver a stern reprimand. This move comes in response to statements attributed to the prime ministers of Spain and Belgium during a press conference at the Rafah crossing, where they advocated for a ceasfire and the protection of the civilian population in Gaza.

In an official statement, Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen expressed condemnation for what he deemed as “false claims” made by the Spanish and Belgian prime ministers, accusing them of supporting terrorism. He stated that the ambassadors of the two countries would be invited to a conversation for a harsh rebuke.

Cohen asserted Israel’s adherence to international law, emphasising that the country is engaged in a battle against a terrorist organisation he described as more heinous than ISIS, committing war crimes and crimes against humanity. He went on to confirm Israel’s intent to resume fighting after the ceasefire until the elimination of Hamas rule in Gaza and the release of all abductees.

Simultaneously, the Prime Minister’s Office issued a statement on behalf of Prime Minister Netanyahu, strongly condemning the comments made by the Spanish and Belgian leaders. Netanyahu criticised their failure to attribute full responsibility to Hamas for the crimes against humanity, including the killing of Israeli citizens and the alleged use of Palestinians as human shields.