Israeli Defense Minister outlines the strategic shift in the offensive against Gaza


Israeli Defence Minister Yoav Gallant has disclosed the strategic plans for the next phase of Israel’s offensive against the Gaza Strip, along with the envisioned post-war scenario. Gallant said the northern region of Gaza will witness a shift to a new combat approach involving ground military achievements, including raids, tunnel demolitions, air and ground strikes, and special forces operations. He said that in the south, where the majority of Gaza’s 2.3 million population currently resides in temporary shelters, the operation aims to eliminate Hamas leaders and rescue Israeli hostages, continuing as deemed necessary.

According to Palestinian health authorities, the conflict has claimed over 22,400 lives, displaced nearly 1.9 million people, and left much of Gaza in ruins. Gallant outlined Israel’s post-war plans, emphasising that Hamas would no longer control Gaza, and Israel would maintain operational freedom, though with no Israeli civilian presence. Conditions for this arrangement include non-hostility towards Israel by Palestinian bodies in charge of the enclave.

As military operations persist, Hamas fighters engage Israeli troops in central and southern Gaza. Despite the Israeli army declaring certain areas as “safe,” displaced Palestinians, facing dire conditions in southern Gaza’s Rafah governorate, are grappling with the spread of disease due to shortages of supplies, medicine, clean water, and fuel. The United Nations reports that over 80% of the pre-war population in Gaza, or nearly 1.9 million people, have been displaced.