Israeli attacks intensify in Gaza, causing widespread devastation.


The Israeli military has intensified its attacks on multiple locations throughout the Gaza Strip, causing widespread devastation. Concurrently, Qatar has confirmed the resumption of talks to explore the possibility of a new ceasefire. In a statement on Saturday, the Qatari foreign ministry emphasised its ongoing diplomatic efforts to renew a truce, expressing hope for building upon previous progress. The goal is to achieve a comprehensive and sustainable agreement to end the war, halt the loss of Palestinian lives, and pave the way for serious negotiations and a political process leading to a just and lasting peace,img-align-ed with international resolutions and the Arab Peace Initiative.

Israeli ground, air, and naval forces launched extensive assaults on the besieged enclave, particularly targeting Khan Younis in the south. This has led to a significant number of casualties and forced thousands to flee.

The conflict has witnessed repeated Israeli attacks on civilian infrastructure, including UN-run schools and hospitals, under the pretext of targeting Hamas fighters. Despite ongoing talks, no substantial progress has been made in halting the war since the withdrawal of Israeli negotiators from Doha last month. Reports indicate a potential revival of talks, possibly focused on replicating previous agreements that led to a week-long truce and the exchange of captives between Hamas and Israel. This development follows Israel’s admission of mistakenly killing three captives held in Gaza, initially believed to be fighters, adding pressure on the Prime Minister of Israel to secure the release of others. Demonstrations in Tel Aviv on Friday echoed this demand for the release of captives.