Houthi rebels remain resolute in their Red Sea ship attacks linked to Israel


Yemen’s Houthi rebels have declared their intent to persist with attacks on ships associated with Israel in the Red Sea, despite the United States unveiling a new maritime protection force to counteract their actions. Mohammed al-Bukhaiti, a senior Houthi official, asserted that even global mobilisation by the United States would not deter their military operations. The Houthi conveyed that a cessation of their attacks would only occur if Israel ceased its actions in Gaza and allowed essential supplies to reach the besieged population.

US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin’s announcement of a 10-nation coalition aimed at safeguarding trade in the Red Sea followed a series of Houthi attacks that prompted shipping lines to suspend operations. The Houthis,img-align-ed with Iran, targeted commercial ships in an attempt to pressure Israel into ending its Gaza Strip bombardment. Austin emphasised the severity of the Houthi attacks as an international concern requiring a robust global response. Meanwhile, Houthi Major General Yusuf al-Madani warned against interference in Palestine, stating, “Any country or party that comes between us and Palestine, we will confront it.”

In response to the US-led coalition formation, Houthi spokesperson Mohammed Abdulsalam, a senior negotiator, indicated that while the attacks were not an act of defiance, the coalition might face the consequences of broader regional conflict. Abdulsalam reiterated the group’s demand for Israel to cease hostilities as a condition for halting the attacks. He dismissed the necessity of the naval patrol mission, stating that the waters near Yemen were safe, except for Israel-linked ships. The Houthi attacks have triggered a significant disruption in global trade, rerouting shipments and causing delays, particularly impacting energy, food, and consumer goods deliveries passing through the vital Red Sea trade route.