Honduras, Colombia, Chile, and Bolivia have recalled their ambassadors from Tel Aviv


Honduras has decided to summon its ambassador in Tel Aviv for consultations as a response to Israel’s ongoing military actions in the Gaza Strip. Foreign Minister Enrique Reina, in a statement, expressed his concern for the dire humanitarian situation faced by Palestinian civilians in Gaza.

The Honduran Foreign Ministry issued a statement on Thursday urging an immediate cease-fire, stressing the importance of upholding human rights in all circumstances. They highlighted the alarming humanitarian crisis unfolding in the Gaza Strip, particularly affecting the civilian population, which includes a significant number of children.

Following the Honduran decision, both Colombian President Gustavo Petro and Chilean President Gabriel Boric also recalled their ambassadors from Tel Aviv in protest against Israel’s actions in Gaza.

Additionally, Bolivia took a stronger stance, with the presidential spokeswoman, Maria Nela Prada, and Deputy Foreign Minister Freddy Mamani jointly announcing the severance of diplomatic relations with Israel during a press conference.