Gaza erupts in violence as the weeklong pause ends.


Violence has erupted once again in Gaza following a weeklong pause in fighting between Israel and Hamas. The ceasefire, which ended on Friday, was immediately met with Israeli military strikes on Gaza, alleging that Hamas had breached the truce by launching rockets. Reporters within the enclave described intense gunfire and shelling across the northern, central, and southern regions of Gaza.

Israel has distributed leaflets in parts of southern Gaza, advising civilians to evacuate towards Rafah, near the Egyptian border, designating Khan Younis as a “dangerous battle zone.” This move poses a dire predicament for Palestinians, as an estimated 1.7 million people, displaced since the truce began on November 24, have limited options for safe havens.

The resumption of hostilities brings renewed suffering to Palestinians who find themselves trapped amid Israeli bombardment. Reporters noted the sounds of Israeli explosions in the south, an area previously deemed safe for civilian evacuation. Despite the challenges, Palestinians express determination to remain on their land, rejecting a repeat of historical displacements in 1948 and 1967.

In preparation for the next phase of the conflict, the Israeli army has released a map dividing Gaza into numerous small zones. These zones are intended to notify Palestinian civilians about active fighting, with instructions for each area provided by the military.

UNICEF spokesperson James Elder, reporting from Khan Younis, highlighted the fear among Gazans as Israel resumes its military offensive. Ambulances have already begun transporting people to the largest active medical facility in the enclave, Nasser hospital.