Fuel shortages in Gaza’s hospitals


Fuel shortages in Gaza’s hospitals are endangering premature infants in incubators. In the neonatal ward of Al-Aqsa Hospital in the central Gaza Strip, premature babies rely on continuous electricity to power incubators, ventilators, and medical equipment. Unfortunately, these hospitals are at risk of running out of fuel for their generators. Hospital directors and doctors across Gaza are deeply concerned about the lives of these vulnerable infants. The fuel shortages are a result of the Israeli blockade of Gaza, which began after clashes with Hamas.

At least 130 premature babies across six neonatal units are considered to be at grave risk due to these fuel shortages. The situation has also affected pregnant women in Gaza, with many unable to access essential health services, and some 5,500 women expected to give birth in the near future. Several hospitals in Gaza have had to close due to damage from airstrikes, lack of power, and shortages of supplies. The situation is dire, and the international community is being urged to act swiftly to prevent further harm to these infants and the population in Gaza. Humanitarian organisations are calling for immediate assistance to ensure these hospitals have the fuel they need to operate and care for patients.