France bans all pro-Palestinian demonstrations


The interior minister of France has issued a prohibition on all pro-Palestinian gatherings within the nation. In an official statement, Gérald Darmanin has instructed that foreign nationals who violate these regulations should be subject to “systematic” deportation. This decision has been prompted by concerns among European governments about the escalation of antisemitism, which has been exacerbated by the Israel-Hamas conflict. Notably, German law enforcement disbanded a pro-Palestinian demonstration in Berlin recently.

France hosts the largest Jewish community in Europe, with nearly 500,000 members, and it also houses one of the continent’s largest Muslim communities, estimated at approximately five million. President Emmanuel Macron, in a video message, called upon the people of France to maintain their unity, emphasizing the importance of not exacerbating national divisions in the face of international conflicts. He lamented the loss of 13 French citizens during the Hamas attack on Israelis, with 17 others still missing, including four children.

Earlier, Minister Darmanin communicated to regional prefects that Jewish schools and synagogues should receive enhanced police protection. He disclosed that there have been 100 recorded antisemitic incidents since the recent Saturday.

To address the escalating concerns, French police have already taken measures to safeguard the residences of prominent MPs, offering additional protection to National Assembly President Yaël Braun-Pivet and MP Meyer Habib.

In a separate development, Germany’s Chancellor Olaf Scholz has declared a policy of “zero tolerance” towards antisemitism. He informed the parliament that a pro-Palestinian group that celebrated the killing of Israeli civilians on the previous Saturday would be banned. Moreover, Berlin’s law enforcement authorities have prohibited planned pro-Palestinian demonstrations due to concerns about the potential for antisemitic rhetoric and the glorification of violence.