Flooding In Turkey, Greece and Bulgaria Result In At Least 10 Fatalities


Heavy rainfall has resulted in flooding across Bulgaria, Turkey, and Greece, leading to a minimum of 10 fatalities.

In Bulgaria’s Tsarevo region, floodwaters surged with enough force to submerge vehicles, claiming the lives of two men and one woman, who was tragically swept out to sea. Additionally, a man who had been working on a house for a mother and daughter who are now missing also lost his life.

Overflowing rivers prompted authorities to evacuate tourists from the Arapya campsite near Tsarevo. Furthermore, a bridge collapse in the southern part of the town left three individuals missing.

Bulgaria’s Environment Minister, Julian Popov, warned that the country should anticipate more frequent and severe rainfall due to climate change.

In Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city, torrential rain triggered flash floods, washing away cars and trapping people in a local library. Two fatalities occurred in the city, including a woman swept away by floodwaters. In Kirklareli province near Turkey’s north-western border with Bulgaria, three more fatalities were reported, and three individuals remained missing. The town of Igneada on the Black Sea coast saw several homes washed away by the floods.

Greece also experienced the impact of heavy rainfall, resulting in two deaths as Storm Daniel battered the country. The central coastal region of Magnesia was the hardest hit, receiving as much rainfall in 24 hours as it typically does throughout an entire autumn season. One fatality occurred in Volos when a wall collapsed on a man, and another involved an 87-year-old woman found dead in the same region. Landslides led to road closures, and numerous elderly residents in the Mt. Pelion area found themselves trapped in their homes.