Recipe 02 – Black Pepper Beef

Black pepper beef with baby sweetcorn, carrots and Sweet potato

  • Beef chopped into small chunks (1/4 kilo)
  • Baby carrots (10)
  • Baby sweetcorn (10)
  • Sweet potato (4)
  • Lemon and lime (small squeeze)
  • Sea salt (couple of grinds)
  • Pepper (couple of grinds)
  • Chilli paste (half a tea spoon)
  • Garnish with Corriander (few leaves)


  • Step 1
    Chop beef into small chunks and stir fry in olive oil for 3 4 mins. Add chill paste Lemon and lime juice sea salt and pepper and further fry for another 10mins until meat is throughly cooked.
  • Step 2
    Fry the baby sweet corn in olive oil until corn is slightly brown. Peel and chop sweet potato in to chunks and boil for 5mins until potato is medium soft.
  • Step 3
    Plate the beef a hand full ammount with the baby sweet corn and 6 8 chunks of sweet potato. Garnish with Corriander if needed.



Carbohydrates (C) = 61g (32%)
Proteins (P) = 37g (19%)
Fats (F) = 41g (49%)
Calories (Cals) = 759 Cals