Recipe 01 – Baked Salmon

Baked Salmon with asparagus, broccoli sprouts and rice

  • Salmon fillet (1,2)
  • Lemon and lime (Small squeeze)
  • Sea salt (couple of grinds,pinches)
  • Pepper (couple of grinds,pinches)
  • Soy sauce (few shakes)
  • Fresh red and green chillies (1)
  • Boil in the bag Basmati Rice (1)
  • Asparagus tips (10)
  • Broccoli sprouts (10)


  • Step 1
    First start by marinating the salmon in a bowl with the lemon and lime juice, add the sea salt Pepper Soy sauce red and green chillies and smother the salmon completely
  • Step 2
    Place the salmon on foil wrapping it completely and placing it in the oven for 15.20 mins at 180c
  • Step 3
    Cook the boil in the bag rice using box instructions
  • Step 4
    Wash and fry asparagus and Broccoli adding sea salt and pepper if required for 3.4mins
  • Step 5
    Plate asparagus and Broccoli
    Add the rice 1/3 of Boil in the bag
  • Step 6
    Remove Salmon. Carefully taking out of foil and onto the plate. Can use the juices in foil to flavour rice if required

Carbohydrates (C) = 61.2g (41%)
Proteins (P) = 40.9g (28%)
Fats (F) = 20.5g (31%)
Calories (Cals) = 593 Cals