Episode 01 – Sincerity & Dealing with Showing Off

Nobody is perfect. We all have flaws, but some flaws stop us from achieving our best. When you look at yourself in the mirror, what do you see? A series on avoiding judgmental thoughts, looking into the mirror and taking oneself into account. Join Sheikh Muiz Bukhary as we look into the Mirror. After giving a brief summary of the famous hadith of ‘Al-Deen an-Naseehah’ (the religion is sincere advice), this episode looks at how we can combat a disease of the heart known as Riya’. What is Riya’ ? Riya’ means to falsely make oneself appear to be virtuous, good natured or a true believer before people for the sake of earning their respect and admiration, or for the purpose of gaining a good reputation among them. It differs from hypocrisy (nifaq) in that a hypocrite feigns integrity, uprightness, virtue, honesty and piety without sincere intention of acquiring these traits for the sake of God, while a person with riya acquires these good traits for the sake of pleasing God, however, he later performs good actions for the sake of gaining respect and good reputation among people.