Canada FM confirms halting arms shipments to Israel



Canada has officially announced the cessation of all arms shipments to Israel, as confirmed by Foreign Minister Melanie Joly’s office. This decision, made amid growing international scrutiny over the conflict in the Gaza Strip, has elicited strong reactions from Israeli leaders. The humanitarian crisis in Gaza has escalated significantly due to prolonged conflict, with hundreds of thousands of residents facing the threat of famine.

In response to the escalating crisis, Canada had already reduced its arms shipments to Israel, limiting them to non-lethal equipment following a Hamas attack on October 7. The Canadian government emphasised that no new arms export permits to Israel have been approved since January 8, with existing permits remaining valid. However, this decision has faced criticism from Israeli officials, who argue that it undermines Israel’s right to self-defence against Hamas ‘terrorists’.

The move has garnered both support and criticism. US Senator Bernie Sanders welcomed Canada’s decision, citing the humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza. However, Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz condemned the action, warning of its potential implications. The issue of arms deliveries to Israel has sparked legal proceedings in various countries, including Canada, where a coalition of lawyers and citizens filed a complaint against the government for allegedly violating international and domestic laws.