Alleged Killer Nurse Wanted Attention From Male Doctor


Lucy Letby allegedly targeted and killed infants under her care to gain the favour of a married doctor with whom she had developed an intense attraction, as revealed in court.

The prosecution argued that Letby’s infatuation with the unnamed doctor led her to harm the babies at Countess of Chester Hospital in order to make herself the center of his attention.

Throughout the trial, Letby denied the allegations, asserting that they were simply close friends. However, her emotional reaction to the doctor’s presence in court suggested her strong feelings for him.

Numerous messages exchanged between Letby and the doctor, as well as with her friends, were presented as evidence, illustrating the growing intensity of their relationship.

The prosecution alleged that Letby deliberately harmed the infants to attract the doctor’s attention, particularly after her return from a vacation.

After her removal from the ward, Letby and the doctor continued to meet several times, going out for coffee, meals, shopping, and even visiting London together.

A handwritten note found after Letby’s arrest hinted at her feelings for the doctor, stating, “My best friend. Love. I loved you and I think you knew that. I wanted you to stand by me but you didn’t.”

During cross-examination, Letby explained her reaction to the doctor’s appearance in court as feeling unwell, while the prosecution suggested it was due to her discomfort in hearing her “boyfriend” testify.