Al Jazeera correspondent lost 22 family members


A correspondent for Al Jazeera Arabic, Moamen Al Sharafi, witnessed the loss of 22 family members during an Israeli air attack on their refuge in the Gaza Strip. The devastating event occurred early Wednesday morning at the Jabalia refugee camp in northern Gaza, claiming the lives of Al Sharafi’s parents, Mahmoud and Amina, along with his siblings, their spouses, nephews, and nieces.

Describing the horrifying incident, Al Sharafi reported that an explosive barrel struck their home, leaving a deep crater in the ground. The severity of the attack hindered civil defence crews from reaching the victims’ bodies, depriving the grieving family of the opportunity to bid a proper farewell and arrange a dignified burial.

A heart-wrenching video captured a relative of Al Sharafi mourning amidst the debris of the bombed house. Al Sharafi himself shared a poignant voice message from his late mother, Amina, conveying warm wishes to him and inquiring about the well-being of his family.

In response to the tragic incident, Al Jazeera issued a statement urging the international community and press freedom organisations to act swiftly to halt such massacres, demanding justice for the families of the victims.

This sorrowful event is not isolated, as it follows a pattern of attacks on Al Jazeera personnel and their families. On October 25, an Israeli raid claimed the lives of family members of Wael Dahdouh, another Al Jazeera Arabic correspondent in Gaza. Similarly, Mohamed Abu Al-Qumsan, a broadcast engineer with Al Jazeera, lost 19 family members, including his father and two sisters, in Israeli air raids on the Jabalia refugee camp on October 31.

The ongoing violence and loss of innocent lives underscore the urgent need for international intervention to address the escalating humanitarian crisis in the region.