AI Powered Camera System Catch 297 Offences in 3 days


An AI-powered camera system in the UK captured nearly 300 instances of lawbreaking by drivers within its initial three days of operation. The violations included mobile phone usage and failure to wear seatbelts. This autonomous roadside camera, positioned near Launceston, Cornwall, employs advanced cameras, infra-red flash, and lensing technology to obtain clear vehicle images. Though AI identifies potential offences, human reviewers assess all images, according to Devon and Cornwall Police.

During the trial phase, the AI camera detected 117 mobile phone offences and 180 seat belt violations within its first 72 hours. If a violation is confirmed, drivers could receive a warning letter or a notice of intended prosecution, depending on the offence’s severity.

The use of AI-based road safety technology is part of efforts to reduce road accidents in the region. In a separate 2022 trial, a vehicle-based system from Acusensus identified 590 seatbelt violations and 45 mobile phone offences across Devon and Cornwall. The two counties witnessed 48 road fatalities and 738 severe injuries in the previous year.

Adrian Leisk, head of road safety for Devon and Cornwall Police, emphasised the technology’s role in curbing unsafe behaviour. The early results have exposed both seatbelt negligence and mobile phone use while driving, sending a clear message to potential violators.