Man detained in France after bomb threat at Iran consulate


Iran Consulate

French authorities have apprehended an individual who made threats of detonating himself at the Iranian consulate in Paris. Despite the consulate’s report of the suspect entering with ammunition, no explosives were found at the premises or on the detained individual, as confirmed by French prosecutors. The suspect, a man born in Iran in 1963, was taken into custody after voluntarily leaving the consulate, following indications of potential violent intentions while inside, according to the Paris prosecutor’s office.

Sources reveal that the suspect, seen entering the consulate carrying what appeared to be a grenade and an explosive vest around 11 AM, later exited and was subsequently arrested by the police. However, investigations discovered that the grenades were replicas. Witnesses reported disturbing behaviour inside the consulate, including the desecration of flags and statements indicating a desire for retribution for his brother’s death. This individual had a prior conviction for setting fire to the gates of the Iranian embassy last year, protesting against the Iranian government.

The detained suspect, scheduled for a court appearance on Monday regarding the embassy fire, had received a suspended sentence and was prohibited from approaching the consulate or possessing weapons. Despite sharing a building, the embassy and consulate have separate entrances. The motive behind the threats is under investigation, with reports suggesting the suspect’s sympathies lie with Iran’s former monarchy. Amid escalating tensions in the Middle East, the incident occurred independently of other geopolitical events, including recent explosions in Isfahan, Iran. International calls for de-escalation have intensified, with precautions advised by the US embassy in Paris and heightened security measures in the vicinity of the consulate.