UK: Hottest Day of the Year So Far This Week!


The UK is poised to experience its hottest day of the year, surpassing the temperatures in Malaga, Spain. The Met Office predicts that parts of the country could enjoy temperatures as high as 24°C (75.2°F) or 25°C. This would exceed the current UK record of 23.3°C recorded in Porthmadog, Wales.

Additionally, it would surpass Malaga’s forecasted temperature of around 23°C. The East Wales, West Midlands, and South West regions are expected to experience the highest temperatures on Thursday.

This sunny weather follows a notably gloomy spring with below-average sunshine hours and England’s wettest March in four decades. The UK’s prevailing high-pressure system is likely to continue, bringing settled and sunny conditions for the coming week. Although the North West may experience some cloudiness and light rain, it will dissipate quickly.

Looking ahead to mid-June, temperatures are anticipated to remain above average, but there may be sporadic thunderstorms and prolonged periods of rain.