£150 Million Scheme to Fund Housing Ukrainian Refugees


The UK government has announced a £150 million fund to assist Ukrainians in securing their own homes. Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February of the previous year, over 124,000 individuals have arrived in the UK under the Homes for Ukraine scheme.

The allocated funds will be provided to councils to support Ukrainian families in finding private rented accommodations and employment opportunities. It will also contribute to the continuation of sponsorship arrangements, considering many guests are entering their second year in the UK. The funding distribution is based on the number of Ukrainians in each nation, with England receiving approximately £109 million, Scotland £30 million, Wales £8 million, and Northern Ireland £2 million. Hosts accommodating Ukrainians will continue to receive monthly thank-you payments of £350 during the guests’ first 12 months, which will increase to £500 per month during the subsequent year.

In March, the Red Cross highlighted concerns about Ukrainians residing in inadequate housing. UK Housing Minister Felicity Buchan stated, “The UK has a noble tradition of providing shelter to those escaping the horrors of war. Thanks to the exceptional generosity of hosts in this country, over 124,000 Ukrainians have found safety in the UK.

Unfortunately, the conflict in Ukraine shows no signs of abating, so we appeal for more individuals to become hosts while providing additional funding to councils to support guests in securing long-term housing.” In Scotland, over 24,000 displaced Ukrainians have arrived through individual sponsorship or the Scottish government’s super-sponsor scheme. Thousands are still awaiting permanent homes while staying in temporary accommodations.

Scotland Office Minister John Lamont acknowledged the UK’s longstanding commitment to assisting those fleeing danger or persecution and pledged continued support to Ukrainians whose lives were disrupted by Russia’s illegal invasion. The announcement of an additional £30 million for Scotland to facilitate the resettlement of individuals from Ukraine was welcomed as a significant boost to the ongoing efforts. Petro Rewko from the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain expressed gratitude for the funding commitment during challenging economic times and conveyed the appreciation of Ukrainians worldwide to the government and the British people for opening their homes and showing compassion to those forced to flee due to Russia’s unlawful invasion of Ukraine.