‘Yellow Vest’ uprising comes to London

As the French ‘yellow vest’ movement continued on Saturday, with 50,000 protesters marching across France, some 300 protestors gathered in London marching through central London and stopping traffic.

The crowd gathered near Whitehall and the live footage from TFL twitter account shows the traffic halted in the area around Westminster in London.

The ‘yellow vest’ movement spread to London on Saturday, where about 300 people marched on Parliament Square and Whitehall white wearing the symbolic neon yellow jackets.

Four people including a 13-year-old girl have been arrested after clashes with police near the Houses of Parliament and Downing Street.

Brexiteer Steven Woolfe had earlier called on Leavers across the country to march in a non-violent protest against Theresa May and Number 10 wearing yellow vests like anti-Macron protesters in Paris.

The British MEP claimed MPs in the Commons were strategically coming to the end of their studied manoeuvre to stop Brexit with a second referendum after an extension to Article 50.

Mr Woolfe claimed that unless Leave voters rebelled against the House of Commons elite now, Brexiteers would be “crashed and trumped”.

The ‘Yellow Vest’ movement has spread across France and even across some cities in  Europe in the past weeks. Centred around issues such as countering democratic under-representation and flawed neoliberal policies.

Spurred by rising fuel prices, the protests have grown into a broad movement against Macron’s perceived elitist policies and governing style, who is labelled as “president of the rich.”

In the UK facing off against police officers guarding the Parliament square, activists called on them to support their cause against corrupt politicians.

An activist used a megaphone to demand a meeting with UK Prime Minister Theresa May, requesting that she be held accountable for her Brexit promises.

These protests have a similar verve to the Arab uprising and Imran Khan’s PTI movement in Pakistan. protesting against the elite to seek fairer terms for the ‘average joe’.

So far the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan has not responded to the protests, but if they continue the world will take notice of these protests emulating the gilets jaunes demonstrations in France