Turkey vacation with Mufti Menk

The popular Islamic events line, ‘Light upon Light’ well known for inspirational conferences across the UK are going international. Join Mufti Menk and other renowned guests from around the world on a luxury holiday and spiritual vacation in the glorious country of Turkey.

A Halal family vacation in Antalya, Turkey during the April Holidays from the 5th to the 9th April 2020. Accommodation at the lavish, 5-star ‘Wome Deluxe’ beach resort with rooms overlooking a sea or forest view.

A truly inclusive package which includes relaxation, spirituality and of course Airport transfers to and from Antalya Airport. 

Enjoy the Spiritual Upliftment 

It’s normal for you to have moments when you are feeling down or you feel as though your eman is feeling low. Engage yourself with heart-touching, inspiring reminders delivered by renowned international speakers including Mufti Ismail Menk and others. Uplift your soul and leave feeling revitalised on your journey with spiritual development.

Enjoy a Wellness and Spa

All that pressure that has been building up; it’s time to let it go. Enjoy the wellness and spa facilities while staying active with the on-site Gym Rooms, feel your stress melt away with the Steam Room, Revitalise with the Spa Centre, Relax with the Sauna, Cleanse in the Turkish Hammam, Rejuvenate at the Salt Room and release tension with a massage! All of this is open for both Men and Women!

Indulge with the 5* Food & Drink

Indulge yourself in the ‘all you can eat’ daily, breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets with mouth-watering foods from different cuisines. You may also want to enjoy some of the foods available at different locations on-site from the delicious pastries available at the patisserie, the pool-side snack bars, the onsite restaurants, café, tea house and mojitos. All of this is included in the package! There is also the option for additional room service.

And just in case you’re worried all the food located on the property is 100% Halal and no Alcohol is served anywhere on the premises.