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Come and embark on an amazing journey with the Qur’an, through MadrasahTV (Live).

We will learn to pronounce correctly each and every letter starting from Surah al Fatiha to Sura an-Nas and we aim to complete the recitation of the Qur’an before the next Ramadhan (1440H/2019).

So if you want to learn how to recite the Qur’an with correct pronunciation and a correct implementation of the Tajweed rules then join Ustadh Nayef on this program from Monday to Friday 5:30 – 6:30pm.

Ustadh Nayef will Insha’Allah listen to you recite the Qur’an and help you in correcting any mistakes that you may have.

And Insha’Allah we will complete this journey before next Ramadan.

Lesson - 050

Repeat of Lesson #049 of Madrasah TV – Live with Ustadh Naif.

This lesson covered the start of a new surah.
Verses 71 to 83 of Surah Ale-Imran, page 59 of the Qur’an (Usmani).

Ustadh Naif does a revision of the letters and continues to go through the tajweed rule of Meem Saakin – Izhar

Download this lesson’s homework notes below:

Madrasah TV Live Homework Lesson #050

Oct 25th 2018