Imran Khan; ‘if they want war, they will get war!’

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that Pakistan does not want war, however, if India imposes, then it will give a befitting response.

PM Imran Khan met with senior journalists, where he spoke about the ongoing political situation after India revoked occupied Kashmir’s special status.

The Prime Minister said that Pakistan will take the issue of Indian violence against Kashmiris to the United Nations and seek every political forum to voice its objection to the violation of Kashmiris by India.

He said that the international community will be apprised of the Indian tactics, such as ethnic cleansing and plans to change the demographic landscape of Kashmir.

On Monday, India’s Hindu nationalist government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi signed a presidential decree abolishing Article 370, the constitutional provision that awards Indian-controlled areas of Kashmir special status and autonomy.

Home Affairs Minister Amit Shah said there were threats to the integration of Kashmir with the broader Indian republic.

Without the key constitutional provision in place, Kashmiris feel that the region’s demography will forever be changed.

It will pave the way for non-Kashmiri Indians to buy land, take up government posts and settle into the predominantly Muslim region, effectively changing its character.

PM Imran Khan said that he always spoke to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi about peace, adding that the Indian PM has the mindset of ‘Hitler’. He went on to say that this is a war of public opinion and Pakistan has to win it.

He said that India can resort to any measure to divert attention from the situation in occupied Kashmir.


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