Hong Kong in 5th day of protests – More than 100 flights cancelled

Another huge day of protests has embroiled Hong Kong authorities into a situation they haven’t experienced before that they are likely to hit the Asian financial hub today.

As a result, more than 100 flights have been cancelled and travel chaos as Beijing tries to come to grips with the ‘Hong Kong’s defiance’.

The airport is packed with people whose flights have been delayed or cancelled. It is the 5th straight day of protests in Hong Kong.

This is Hong Kong’s ninth consecutive week of protests. Which started in early June over a now-suspended extradition bill, but demands have evolved to include greater democracy and police accountability

People are striking and protesting across seven districts of Hong Kong in the most ambitious and wide-ranging day of demonstrations this summer.

Strikes across all sectors 

The problems and revolt that Beijing faces are not just with a certain group of protestors, they are diverse. With strikers including teachers, aviation workers, finance employees and civil servants.

All the major sectors will be hit, with people not showing up to work and as a result, one of the most powerful cities in the world, the Asian financial hub, is likely to screech to a halt today.

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