What is Eman Channel about?

We are a free-to-air channel catering the Muslim community with entertaining and informative shows suitable for viewers of all ages.

Do I have to pay to watch Eman Channel?

You can watch Eman Channel completely free! And we plan to keep it this way Insha’Allah.

How can I watch Eman Channel?

Find us on Sky Channel 857 in the UK, and for everywhere else in the world watch us via our website stream or mobile app on Android and iPhone.

Can I download your shows?

Unfortunately the shows are not available to download at the moment, but if there is an increased demand for this feature then we will look into introducing it Insha’Allah.

Do you have a catch up service?

Yes, you can catch up on any show that you have missed on our website and mobile app.

Do you use music in your shows?

No, we continue to work hard to ensure that no musical instruments are used in our programmes. Everything that you hear is created by vocals.