Facebook family worldwide collapsed – by an ‘overwhelming data attack’

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp users lost access to the social network’s applications in parts of the world on Wednesday as a result of a collapse of services because of data attack.

Industry professionals have suggested Facebook turned off certain services because of a huge data attack, where an information breach could have taken place.

Cyber attacks on the social network are frequent occurrence but this is the most severe attack they have suffered for almost a decade.

The Tech giant, which has more than 2.7bn users, acknowledged the outage after users noted on Twitter they could not access Facebook or had limited functionality.

On WhatsApp, problems uploading images and contacting certain contacts were also reported. The Facebook workplace business feature was also reported to be down and affecting millions of businesses worldwide who were unable to contact their teams.

The cause of the interruption has not yet been made public. However, Facebook refuted any claims of a data attack and indicated the outage was not related to an attack aimed at overwhelming the network.

According to the website downdetector.com, outages were heaviest in North America and Europe, but some users appeared to be affected in other regions.

The services seems to be operating with limited functionality and no time lime has been given on how long the service will be down.